Dependent Clauses: Get to Know Who’s Who (Part 1)

Clauses are the building blocks of sentences. A clause is defined as a group of words that contains a subject and a verb. During your IELTS UKVI review, you would encounter two types of clauses: the independent and the dependent clause.

An independent clause, also known as a simple sentence, has a subject and a predicate and expresses a complete thought. On the other hand, a dependent clause doesn’t express a whole idea and is not a complete sentence. 

A dependent clause always needs an independent clause to be complete, making it harder to distinguish than independent clauses. To make this easier, let us take a look at different kinds of dependent clauses and how they differ from one another.

The 10 Commandments of Punctuations Use

Any institution worth their salt that is offering an IELTS review program would not forget to teach their students how to master the elegant and proper use of punctuation marks. Remember the adage: the devil is in the details. When it comes to writing, there is nothing more demanding of your attention to detail than punctuations.

Your best friend when used correctly and your worst enemy when disregarded, punctuations have led to the downfall of many an IELTS UKVI test-taker. Don’t let it be yours! What follows are the 10 Commandments of Punctuation Use. Take them to heart, and you’ll be a step closer to your UK dream.

IELTS Updates: Top Five Study Programs in the US

If you’re planning to pursue your studies in the US, you will need to meet these three basic requirements:

        1.    An acceptance confirmation from a US university or college.
        2.    Sufficient funding to study.
        3.    A valid student visa.

But before fulfilling these requirements, you will also need to secure an English language proficiency test. To help you accomplish this, you need to enroll in an IELTS Philippines review center to boost your communication skills and be 100% IELTS-ready.

JRooz IELTS Review Center is the country’s leading provider of English language training with various branches across major metropolitan areas in the Philippines. After weeks of intensive review preparations, you’re now ready to ace the IELTS exam.

Once you have accomplished the IELTS Academic Test, it’s now time to choose your preferred study program in a US university. To guide you more, below is a list of the top five degree programs in the US.

Three Books You Should Befriend for Your IELTS Review

When preparing for an all-important life-changing exam like the IELTS, it is always better to utilize all the resources at your disposal. Relying on a solid review program such as being offered by JRooz IELTS Review Center, Inc., is a step toward the right direction. However, you can do more.

Aside from the Internet, test-takers should also utilize old-fashioned books. Here are three easy-to-get books that can improve your IELTS exam preparation.

Top 8 Tips for IELTS Academic Listening Task 2: Matching

Do you want to get a 9 band score in the IELTS Academic Listening Test? Aside from maximizing your IELTS course preparation and attending a group study, it is also essential to look for various test-taking strategies that you can apply in your exam preparation. For instance, read and follow these practical tips for the IELTS Academic Listening Task 2: Matching.