How to Improve my Vocabulary?

Learning languages takes time and a lot of effort. There are a lot of things to study like grammar, sentence construction and most importantly vocabulary. Vocabulary is the first step to learn another language like English. It is difficult to express yourself to be understood by other people if you cannot choose the right word or expression. Hence, building vocabulary is a very important step in learning English.

Since there is a great emphasis placed on learning vocabulary, how can one build and improve their vocabulary? There are a number of ways and here is how:

· Read a lot.

This may sound time consuming and utterly boring, but reading a lot helps improve one’s vocabulary. Remember that learning should not be limited in the four corners of the room. One should be able to expose oneself in reading at home or outside the room. For example, one can indulge in reading the paper early morning, or scan a few pages of a magazine while relaxing at home.

· The Use of Flash Cards

Childish as it looks, but having words written in flash cards with their definition at the back lets you remember words easily. It is much easier to review on these words too as you can bring them anytime, anywhere.

· Read online sources.

Some words have become accepted in English due to the frequency of people using it. Most of these words, which are usually used in informal setting, can be read in different blogs online. Choose those that interest you and enjoy every bit of information and vocabulary you get.

· Read the dictionary.

It sounds crazy but reading the dictionary actually helps improve vocabulary. Choose at least 10 words a day. Write them down with their definition and provide a sample sentence. Review on this list daily as you become familiar in using the word.

· Do word games!

Scrabble, crosswords, word puzzles – these are the best way in learning words in a fun way. Not only your vocabulary improves but also your critical thinking skills.

· Use the vocabulary you know.

You have studied words but do not use it? What is the point of studying different words if you do not practice using them? Always find an opportunity to use words in conversation or writing. However, do not be a braggadocio or a know-it-all.

The idea of vocabulary building is emphasized more especially on people taking English proficiency examinations. With a great vocabulary bank, one can easily understand and use the English language with ease and comfort.

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