How to Fix your Little Problems with English

English has become the second spoken language of many people in the world. Good command with the language gives one a great advantage both personally and professionally. Learning English has been very common for non-native English speakers, and problems learning the language has become a part of it.

Problems in learning English is normal, yet solutions are available. If you are learning the language, do not get disappointed in committing mistakes. Like what they said, we learn from our mistakes, but do not make mistakes in order to learn. Studying English is a long process, even native English speakers make mistakes with their own mother tongue. Since these problems are common, here are some ways on how to fix those English problems.

  • Problem: Subject and Verb Agreement
    Many speakers of the English language has errors with the agreement of subject and verbs. When one makes a sentence with a lot of modifiers in it, making the verb singular or plural becomes a problem then.

    Solution: Always remember that a singular subject, no matter how many modifiers are used to describe the main subject, should always have a singular verb. Look at the number of the subject and decide whether the verb should be singular or plural. 

  • Problem: Consistency of Verb Tenses
    This is common when people are writing essays. Some keep on changing tenses from present t past or even to the future. If you are going to read this kind of essay, you are sure to get confused on when the action really happened.

    Solution: Look at the time markers in your sentences. If all actions already happened in the past, then stick with the past tense of the verbs. Yet, if you are stating a fact or something that is always true, you have to use the simple present tense. Always consider the time when the action happens. Review on the different uses of the verb tenses as well. 

  • Problem: Poor listening comprehension
    There are times that you cannot hear clearly the words in a listening passage. As a result, you do not know what to write as your answer.

    Solution: Practice listening by doing dictation exercises. Dictation exercises lets you fill in the blank of a given audio script. This will not only improve your listening ability but also gives a boost to your note-taking skills. 

  • Problem: Difficult words to understand in a passage
    Vocabulary plays an important role in learning English. There are millions of words in the English language and memorizing each one of them is impossible.

    Solution: Read a lot! There are a lot of good books, magazines, or journals to choose from. You can choose any reading material that interests you as well. While reading, write down words that are unfamiliar to you and look them up in the dictionary. 

  • Problem: Poor pronunciation
    It is difficult to be understood by another person if the pronunciation is wrong or even unclear.

    Solution: Watch American TV series or movies. You can even watch videos online that help people develop their pronunciation. Read aloud and listen to yourself. You may even record it and ask someone to give feedback with your speaking skill. 

  • Problem: Difficulty expressing thoughts in written text
    Writing essays is a part of learning English. Essays can be pretty challenging if you cannot create sentences to convey your ideas.

    Solution: Practice writing diary entries. Start with writing about your day, interests and even ambitions. Develop your writing to something more serious. Always have this checked by someone who is good at English for comments and feedback. 

These little problems in English are easy to fix. Follow the solutions given and soon you can be the best English speaker in the country. 

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