Language Hack: Simple ways of learning English

Learning English is not as tough as it seems. The rules in grammar can bite you really hard, yet there aresimple ways of learning the English language. Here are some life hacks on how to be good at English.

  1. Surround yourself with English. There is a higher chance in learning the English language whenyou are in an English speaking environment. Say for example, you can join an English club or debate club where students often use the English language. It is learning English in a passiveway. Non-native English speakers, Koreans for example, would live in English speaking countries to be exposed with the language. This is quite expensive yet an effective way to learning English.

  2. Keep a notebook of English vocabulary. Whenever you hear or read a new word, write it down in this notebook. Find its definition in the dictionary and come up with a sentence using this word. Practice using this word daily when talking to other people.

  3. Read a lot. Reading can be a pretty boring activity, so not a lot of people are into this this activity. However, reading can actually be fun if you read something that is of your interest. For example, you can read comic books or lifestyle magazines. The important thing here is you are learning some words that are unfamiliar to you that add up to your vocabulary bank.

  4. Watch English movies. Learning English should be fun and watching movies is a part of it. When you watch a movie, you get to hear phrases in conversations that you can use in your daily conversations. You can even learn pronunciation through watching movies.

  5. Listen to English songs. When you like a particular song, you tend to sing with it. Here, you are slowly practicing pronunciation of words. However, grammar in songs’ lyrics are sometimes overlooked so it is best to stick with the practice of pronunciation and enunciation with songs.

  6. Always think in English. Some learners would have to think first in their native language before translating their ideas in English. This is difficult as there are some words in your own native language that do not have a direct English translation. Think in English improves your fluency.

  7. Do dictation exercises. You can listen a CD and write down sentences that you hear. You can even say it out loud once you hear it. Dictation exercises hones one’s skill in listening.

  8. Read something and record it. Some people do not like this for they sound weird in an audio recording. However, the benefit of doing this activity is that you can listen on how you pronounce words. You can even assess your intonation. As a result, you will be able to identify your problem areas that need improving.

  9. Study grammar. Being a good English speaker means using the English language with correct grammar. The basics that you have to know are the subject and verb agreement, verb tenses, conjunctions and prepositions.

  10. Find a speaking partner. A speaking partner will help you become more confident in using the language. He or she can give you some comments and even tips on how to improve you English speaking skills.

Learning English happens even outside the class. Take every opportunity to learn English every day.

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