Tips on How to Improve Your English Vocabulary

Strengthening your vocabulary is very useful, especially when taking an English proficiency examination. Studies have shown that examinees who have used a wide variety of appropriate English vocabulary gets a better score to those who do not.

Vocabulary is essential. It is the basic element in constructing a sentence. People can better express themselves when they use the right words when communicating. To improve your vocabulary, here are some points to do.

Read a lot. Reading does not mean that you need to read novels to improve vocabulary. Any kind of material will do. If you enjoy magazines than books, then read a lot of magazines. The important thing here is to find words that are unfamiliar to you. Discovering these words are useful as they can add up to your vocabulary list.

Use dictionaries and thesaurus. Some may find it an absurd idea to read these materials. However, it helps a lot when you have both of these. There are phone apps that you can download for these books. Look up words in the dictionary and remember them well. They might come in handy someday.

Have a vocabulary book. Write down all the words that are new you. Write down their definition and try to write your own sentence using that word. A vocabulary book helps improve one’s retention. Also, you can keep track of the number of words you have learned in a week.

Listen to news broadcasts. Aside from learning new words, you will get the chance to know how such words are used in a sentence. Pronunciation is also learned when watching news broadcasts.

Watch movies and TV series. There are a lot of words and word expressions that are used in movies and TV series. These words are very helpful in your daily conversations or even any kind of speaking situation as long as it is appropriate for the occasion.

Play word games. Board games like scrabble are not only entertaining, but also educational. It will increase your skill in thinking what words you can connect with other words. Also recommended games are crossword puzzles and boggle.

Write essays. You can improve your vocabulary when you practice with them. Write short essays for instance. Look for words in your essay that can still be improved. Look it up in a dictionary to help you.

Have a vocabulary list from standardized tests like the SAT and GRE. These tests have vocabulary exams of which are helpful in gaining more vocabulary words.

Take vocabulary test. There is a lot of tests online that are for free that evaluate one’s vocabulary. Taking advantage of these websites will develop one’s skill. Also, you can gauge how much you need to know and learn with these tests.

Vocabulary building makes a person good at English. There are lots of words to know and understand, so take the time and effort to discover at least a couple of words each day. Learning vocabulary puts you a step further, especially when you are preparing for an English proficiency test. Start reading today and enjoy discovering new English words.

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