What to Expect during a Job Interview

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JRooz Review has been providing IELTS training over the years. It is a trusted partner of international organizations including IDP and the British Council. Aside from IELTS, JRooz Review also offers PTE training to cater to the increasing demands of students.

Whether you plan to take the IELTS training or the PTE training, you have to consider what comes after you acquire your score goals.

Job Interview Essentials

Finding a job is your next step after achieving your desired IELTS band score. During work applications, the interview is one factor that can make or break your application. An interview is an opportunity for both you and the employer to get to know each other and discover what is in it for you. Hence, you need to be prepared and give your interview the best shot.

•    The interview starts even before the conversation
The pre-interview phase says a lot about the applicant. Hence, it is important that you write an impressive email and include the necessary details in your curriculum vitae and portfolio. Remember to be on your best behavior when you arrive at the venue. All eyes are on the applicant so make sure that you greet everyone and do not be afraid to extend your hand for a handshake.

•    Small talks matter
Most recruiters start the interview with small talk. The interviewer may begin with a question about the weather, your travel to the office, anything under the sun. Though the topic does not focus on your skills and the more serious matter, it is important to know that you are already being evaluated. The key is to be honest and communicate well.

•    Convince your recruiter
An interview is a chance for you to prove yourself. Be prepared for questions that will test your qualifications. Give your best shot to convince the recruiter that you are well suited for the position and that you can handle any task that will be given to you.

•    You need to ask
Recruiters look for competitive and highly-abled individuals whom they can entrust the job. Asking questions is one way to show eagerness to work for the company. It depicts interest for the position and willingness to acquire knowledge. An interview is also a platform for you to ask information about the business that you have not found in your research. Do not miss your chance to clarify information about the organization.

•    Expect the unexpected
Some recruiters conduct examination before or after the interview, so it is important that you come prepared. Bring pen and paper just in case you would need them for the test. Furthermore, some companies conduct more than one interview so be prepared to face several interviewers.
The key to acing an interview is to be sincere with your answers and be on your best behavior all the time. Be prepared and secure your dream job!


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