The Negative Impact of Repeating Words in the Writing Section in IELTS exam

Expressing one’s ideas in written text requires training and practice. When taking an English proficiency examination such as the IELTS, the writing section will challenge any test candidate to come up with a good essay. Candidates find this section extremely difficult as they have to consider grammar and vocabulary when writing.

In IELTS writing, one aspect that the candidate has to consider is the use of vocabulary. In an IELTS review program, different vocabulary-enriching activities are given to students. This aims to improve their word bank which is definitely needed not only in writing but also in speaking. IELTS review centers in Davao and in any parts of the country targets this to prevent students from constantly repeating words in their essays. Having said that, what is the negative impact when the same words are constantly repeated in the essay?

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When test candidates repeat the same words in their essays, it shows their limited knowledge in vocabulary. It is not recommended for any test candidate to use the same exact words in a paragraph more than twice. This lack of vocabulary words indicates that a person will have a hard time developing variety in expressing oneself in written text. Repeating the same words in an appropriate content is acceptable; however, there are other ways such as using synonyms and word expressions to better express an idea or thought.

With a very limited knowledge on words or vocabulary, the essay will surely not get a good score in the examination. This problem in most students is common, yet there are ways on how to improve one’s vocabulary. These are commonly practiced in IELTS review courses.

  • Enjoy the activity of reading. Some find reading a boring and tedious activity. However, reading can be fun if you choose what reading materials suit you best. For instance, you can read magazines and even comic books as these materials have new words. The more exposure you get on different reading materials, the higher chances of you getting your vocabulary bank updated. Also, you will learn in which context these words fit which is a plus for writing. 

  • Have fun with the dictionary. Others think that it is absurd to read a dictionary. Who would like to read such? Reading dictionaries are actually helpful in building vocabulary. What people can do is to find at least ten words in the dictionary. Read the definition and write a sample sentence using the word. Review these words every day until the words become familiar. 

  • Learn vocabulary through games. There are lots of word games such as scrabble, word search, crosswords, and even word game apps on mobile. The good thing about these is that you are unconsciously studying words while having fun. This fun activities stimulate your brain and learning is much easier since the learning environment is very casual – a game with friends or with your own smartphone. 

Vocabulary emphasizes how good a person is in expressing one’s idea. Written or spoken, views are better elaborated when the right words are used. IELTS review center in Davao, Cebu, and Manila takes advantage of learning words through games to help IELTS test candidates develop their vocabulary. Write essays well with appropriate words to get better band scores in the IELTS writing. 

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