Jargon: words to avoid while taking TOEFL Exam

Having wide vocabulary puts you ahead when taking the TOEFL test. There is almost no difficulty on explaining your thoughts or finding the right words for your response. Despite the range of vocabulary, you have to know that there are some words that you should avoid using in the exam. In particular, jargons have to be avoided in your responses.

Jargons are words that are considered specific vocabulary used in a particular profession or field. These words often have concealed meanings that only people in that specific field understand the content. Because the TOEFL is an English fluency exam that mainly uses an academic English approach, using jargons should be avoided as tasks should be in the formal tone. Jargons will only confuse the rater or worst, obscure the content of the whole response. 

In a TOEFL review, candidates for the exam are encouraged to rephrase or find a synonym to these jargons. Using jargons can only comprise their responses. TOEFL review makes it possible for these candidates to come up with responses that are appropriate for the exam.

Below are some words that are considered jargons. 
  • The government needs to reach out to the local communities and reach some alignment regarding the problems of garbage segregation. Many communities have been doing it, yet some are still ignoring the positive effect of this.
    syn. agreement

  • If high school students are given the adequate training, they can show their bandwidth to help implement the programs in their schools.
    syn. willingness 

  • Advertising is a good way in attracting potential customers to a product. Marketers think of ways to get more eyeballs to their campaigns. 
    syn. prospect customers

  • IMO, there a different ways globalization hurts the environment. First, industries have expanded that results to the clearing of some forests for land to be used. Another is the irresponsible disposal of waste products from these industries.
    meaning: In My Opinion

  • People deal with problems in many ways. I have a friend who preferred going on trips to ease the issues she is facing. Another friend of mine sees a shrink to consult her problems. She says it costs her quite much, but she sees progress. syn. psychiatrist

  • My favorite food is cakes. Cakes make me feel happy and energized. I have a sweet tooth, and it makes me crave for more especially when I am feeling down.
    meaning: to refer to someone who loves sweets

  • Arts is very important in the school curriculum. I believe that the schools must put emphasis on it in the say with science and mathematics for the following reasons. First, the arts encourages students to think outside the box. It is an avenue for them to express what they feel. For example, some students create abstract work that shows anger or frustration.
    meaning: be creative

What TOEFL review emphasizes is to find other ways in expressing these jargons. It is important for you to create responses that can be understood by the rater immediately, or your score will definitely be affected. 

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