English 101: Using Demonstrative Pronouns

With so many writing tips and guidelines that an IELTS review center provides for their students, exam takers must utilize these tools to develop their writing skills and ace the writing sub-test. For instance, one writing tip that students can acquire in their review classes is learning how to use demonstrative pronouns.

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What are demonstrative pronouns?
Demonstrative pronouns are used to replace a noun or a noun phrase to show whether one or more things are near or far in space or time. Moreover, this type of pronoun can be either singular or plural. Do you want to know more and boost your IELTS UKVI review preparation? Read and follow these essential pointers on how to use demonstrative pronouns:

      ·         Four types of demonstrative pronouns

There are four types of demonstrative pronouns that you can use when constructing your sentences.

     1.    This is used to replace a singular noun (person or thing) that is around or nearby to the speaker.

Example:        This is my mother’s necklace.

     2.    That is used to replace a singular noun that is distant from the speaker.

Example:        That looks like the car I used to drive.

     3.    These is used to replace a plural noun that is around or nearby the speaker.

Example:        These are great shoes, but they look uncomfortable.

     4.    Those is used to replace a plural noun that is distant from the speaker.

Example:        We chose a chocolate cake from those on sale at the bakery.

       ·         Three guidelines about demonstrative pronouns

Since there are only a few demonstrative pronouns in the English language, here are three simple instructions for using them correctly.

     1.    Demonstrative pronouns can be used as a subject or an object in a sentence.

Examples:      This is the nearest IELTS UKVI review center in the town. (Subject)
                        She kept talking about herself and nobody like that. (Object)

     2.    Demonstrative pronouns are usually used to describe animals, places, or things; however, these words can also be used to describe people when a person is identified.

Example:        This sounds like Joy singing.

     3.    Do not confuse demonstrative adjectives with demonstrative pronouns. Although the words are identical, demonstrative adjectives qualify nouns, whereas demonstrative pronouns stand alone.

Demonstrative pronoun:     That is not a bird; it is an airplane.

Demonstrative adjective:     That airplane looks like a bird.

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