Dos and Don'ts When Preparing With an IELTS Review Center

Are you taking classes in an IELTS review center? Do you want to ace all your practice exams? Want to ensure that by the end of the course, your communicative skills can get you your band score goal? If you answered yes to all of these, then this article is for you! Maximize your IELTS training by following these dos and don’ts.

IELTS review center

       ·         Review your previous lectures before class starts
Most of the time, the instructor would pick up where the last discussion left off. So, make it a point to refresh your memory before each class. Review your lecture notes and practice tests. Not only will this ensure that you can immediately pick up the day’s lesson, but it’ll also put you in the right mindset for IELTS training.

       ·         Apply what you learned
Here’s the thing: just because you’re studying with an IELTS review course, doesn’t mean that your linguistic abilities are automatically better. Listening, reading, writing, and speaking are skills. And, just like any skill, they need to be practiced to be honed.

Don’t limit your English training in the classroom. Take every opportunity to practice what you’ve learned. Read English materials, watch western shows and movies, and listen to English songs and broadcasts. Use the language when chatting with your friends and family.

       ·         Go the extra mile
Complement your IELTS review sessions with your own self-study efforts. Do the homework that your instructor gave you. Then, take the initiative to learn more about the subject. Research about it online or visit your local library. This’ll allow you to understand complex topics better and remember them longer.


       ·         Miss any of your classes
This should be a no-brainer. To make the most out of your review sessions, you have to be there to experience them. So, attend all your classes. Be punctual and make sure you’re prepared for each session. If you really can’t make it to class, let your instructor know ahead of time.

       ·         Zone out
Don’t just attend your class, pay attention. Concentrate on what your IELTS review center instructor is saying. Jot down notes and participate in the class discussion. If something about the lesson confuses you, don’t hesitate to raise your hand. Ask your teacher to elaborate or to provide more examples. Also, keep your mobile phone in silent mode and out of sight. It’ll help minimize the urge to check your phone for messages and notifications.

       ·         Let your seatmates distract you
Remember, you’re at the IELTS review center in Cebu to study for an exam, not socialize. So, refrain from chatting with your seatmates during class.

If your seatmate is the type who likes to talk or pass comments during a lecture, pay them no heed. Don’t let them distract you from the discussion. If they're asking you questions that are relevant to the lesson, answer them. Otherwise, politely tell them that you want to concentrate on the class and you’ll talk to them later.

Make the most out of your classes in the IELTS review center in Cebu. Apply these dos and don’ts throughout your training program.

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