Learning About the IELTS Dream Big Fund

Introducing the IELTS Dream Big Fund
The IELTS Dream Big Fund is awarded to special needs students enrolled in an IELTS package and who wants to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate studies overseas.

 The Dream Big Fund can be used for the following purposes:

        ·         tuition fee subsidy,
        ·         air tickets, and
        ·         special equipment that will aid students in their studies.

There are 12 countries eligible for the IELTS Dream Big Fund. This includes China, Hong Kong and Macau, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. An IELTS Dream Big Fund will be granted to one student in each of the eligible countries.

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For test takers enrolled in a one-day IELTS review program, the following are the eligibility criteria for the IELTS Dream Big Fund:

         ·         Applicants must be a permanent resident in one of the eligible countries.
         ·         Applicants are a special need student with visual or hearing impairment, physical disability or any other learning difficulties, and are able to provide original medical evidence of the disability.
         ·         Applicants must have taken the IELTS test and are able to submit a valid IELTS score.
         ·         Applicant must be able to provide an acceptance letter from the university that they wish to enroll.


Interested test takers enrolled in one-day IELTS review programs must submit the following:

        ·         IELTS Dream Big Fund Online Application Form,
        ·         uploaded Copies of IELTS Test Report Form,
        ·         acceptance letter,
        ·         medical certificate, and
        ·         personal statement/

What Is a Personal Statement?

The personal statement is your chance to tell your story and plays a crucial role in the selection process. It must describe your reasons for applying for a particular course, how you expect your study experience to impact your life and those around you, and how you can make use of the Dream Big Fun effectively in your studies.

Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed against the IELTS Dream Big Fund eligibility criteria, the personal statement, and the IELTS score. Since the British Council launched the Dream Big Fund, they reserve the rights to make the final decision.

"Equality, diversity, and inclusion are at the heart of British Council's corporate culture. In the past two decades, over 1,200 special needs candidates in East Asia have realized their dreams by taking IELTS. With the IELTS Dream Big Fund, we hope to encourage and support candidates with disability to pursue their study dreams, which may, in turn, provide them with life-changing opportunities and lead to greater things in life,” said Steve Adams, Director Examinations, British Council.

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