IELTS Review Tips for Visual Learners

Do you understand and retain information better when they’re presented visually? Use this to your advantage. Make your IELTS UKVI review efforts cater to your learning style with the following tips to boost your chances of test success.


        ·         Spice up your IELTS training materials. You don’t need to return most of them to your instructors once you finish your review course. They’re yours. So, don’t be afraid to mark or write annotations them. You can:

o   Underline or encircle key points.
o   Highlight important information with colorful markers.
o   Draw helpful doodles on their margins.
o   Jot down additional information on their margins.
o   Insert sticky notes to add more information to passages.
o   Insert sticky notes to mark out important pages.

If you don’t want to leave permanent marks on your reviewers, use a pencil or a sticky note to add annotations.

         ·         Make your note-taking methods more visual-centered. There is no rule in note-taking that says you need to jot down your notes in paragraphs or bullets. So, go ahead and personalize your notes. You can:

o   Add variety to your font style and size.
o   Use different colored-pens to differentiate various types of information.
o   Draw informative doodles.
o   Write motivational expressions.

Unleash your creativity when you jot down your IELTS UKVI lecture notes. It’s also recommended that you…

          ·         Employ graphic organizers. They’re great simplifiers of complex concepts and extensive sequences. Use maps, graphs, charts, diagrams, and other visual tools. You can also develop ones that cater specifically to the information you want to break down.

          ·         Use visual materials.
There is no shortage of videos and infographics about IELTS training online. Maximize them. You can also develop flashcards about your review lectures or make PowerPoint presentations about them.

          ·         Declutter your study space. As a visual learner, you're more susceptible to visual distractions. Staying at a cluttered or disorganized place while you study can affect your mental awareness and impair your review experience. Keep your study space free of clutter and distractions to avoid this problem. Put away things that you don't need for the review such as your mobile phone. 

Supercharge your IELTS training. Tailor your study practices to your learning style to master and retain your lessons in the shortest time possible. Integrate these tips into your review to go over and beyond your IELTS band score goals.


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