Improve Your Language Skills from Reliable IELTS Classes

Being good at English was not my forte. I never liked speaking in English; however, when I applied for a working visa in the UK, I was asked to take the IELTS examination. To be honest, I got cold feet realizing I had to study English. Since I was not good at using the English language, I opted to find a review center for the IELTS. Indeed, it is the best decision I made in preparation for my examination.

ielts review center

Living in Makati, it was not actually difficult to find a review center. IELTS review center in Makati can be found almost everywhere. It was just my decision to find one near my place. The location was convenient, and the fees were really reasonable. During my initial assessment, I already knew that there was a lot of work to be done with my language skills. I can speak English, but I was not confident with my skills. I would only use it when needed.

In the IELTS review, I realized that the IELTS review center in Makati that I chose provided me all the things I needed to improve my language skills. For starters, there were lectures given to all students in each section of the test. It made everything easier to understand about the IELTS. The lectures were also an avenue for all students to ask things about the exam. What made my language skills improved is the practices given weekly.

For the reading class, part of the program was to introduce vocabulary that are usually used in British or Australian English. Since Filipinos are mostly accustomed to American English, this class brings an advantage to know words that are quite unfamiliar. Further, this vocabulary can also be used in my speaking and writing responses. Also, in the listening class, we were introduced to different accents that are commonly used in the test. The instructors even asked us to repeat words as how they are pronounced.

The best thing in my review is the speaking classes. I really appreciate the one-on-one speaking mock tests that were conducted by my IELTS instructors. It was a simulation of the real speaking test. We gave responses to different questions and feedback was immediately given to assess our performance. They were very meticulous and pointed out a lot of things to be improved with my performance. All students were given the chance to have a one-on-one coaching for the exam, and it really helped boost my confidence in using the English language. This coaching style made it possible for students to improve their language skills and their confidence with English.

After a couple of months, I was already confident with my skills and took the test. With the help of my instructors, I was able to reach my target scores and proceeded with my UK visa application. It was with a review center for the IELTS that made it possible for me to improve my skills. With the number of IELTS review centers in Makati, choosing one may be pretty difficult. What students must always consider is the review materials the center use and the quality of the teachers.

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