Can I Get High IELTS Band Score without Reviewing?

I took the IELTS last year without reviewing, and I failed big time.

It was this time last year that I was so busy juggling work and my preparation for the IELTS. I was applying for a visa for Australia to practice my profession as a nurse, and IELTS was a strict requirement. My work schedule was from 3pm to 11pm, making it difficult for me to find a decent schedule to enroll in an IELTS review center. A week before my exam, I was already so stressed since I did not know what to do for my test. I ended up watching videos on Youtube to check on how speaking mock exams are done a day before my test. I took the test, waited for a couple of weeks, and got a failing score: I did not reach the required band score.

IELTS Center

It was indeed frustrating knowing that you were not able to pass the IELTS. I should really say that without IELTS training, it is impossible to get a high IELTS band score. Out of my frustration, I almost gave up my application for Australia. It was disappointing for me. However, friends encouraged me to continue my application. This time they recommended attending reviews in an IELTS review center.

I found a review center that offers a two-week intensive program for the IELTS. I could not file a month leave from work so I opted for this. The first week was all IELTS lectures. I was so glad to finally understand these different tasks in the reading, listening, writing, and most particularly speaking. The lectures taught me skills on how I can maximize my time when answering for the test. Further, it was easier to ask questions and clarify ideas since a teacher was present in class. The IELTS review center I enrolled had these amazing instructors.

On the second week, I was bombarded with practice tests. I finally got to experience answering actual exam questions. After each exercise, the activities were checked. It was a good opportunity for us to understand the reasons for each mistake that we had or I had in the practices. The best part was the one-on-one coaching I had with speaking. I was hesitant at first, but with the guidance of my instructor, I was able to overcome the fear in having an interactive exchange of ideas during the speaking mock test. Indeed, the two-week program helped a lot in filling the need I had for the IELTS.

A week after my review, I took the test. Luckily, I got the required band score, and surprisingly did even better. I was really happy with my decision in trusting an IELTS review center with my IELTS training. Some people may see this as another expense in preparing for the IELTS, but I consider this as a good investment if you want to pass the IELTS requirement. It is better to be trained very well for the IELTS prior to taking the exam.

Thanks for IELTS review centers, visa applicants can successfully get a high band score for their requirements. IELTS training saves everybody time and money in preparing for the test.

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