How to Use the Brainstorming Web in Your IELTS Group Study

Attending a group study is one practical way to boost your IELTS training. As a student enrolled in an IELTS review center Philippines, it is essential to look for learning activities and tips that can make your group study sessions more productive. For instance, using the brainstorming web is one useful graphic organizer that most students use in their group study.

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What is a Brainstorming Web?

A brainstorming web is a visual map that shows how ideas and information relate to one another. This is typically used by students, teachers, and test takers as a learning strategy for developing and connecting ideas. Here are the benefits of the brainstorming web:

  •  Helps students develop critical-thinking skills and boost concentration.
  • Allows students to discover new ideas and relationships between concepts and facts.
  • Enables students to organize various ideas and concepts properly.

How to Create a Brainstorming Web

For students in an IELTS center who wants to use this graphic organizer in their group study sessions, read and follow these three simple steps:

1. Select a topic
The brainstorming web is best suited to a topic containing various key points and supporting details. In choosing the topic, tell your group mates to give at least three topics that they want to discuss during your group study sessions. Then write each topic on a whiteboard and ask your group mates to vote on which topic to discuss first. Once you have chosen your topic, keep a record of the other topics, which you can discuss in future sessions.

2. Make the brainstorming web
The brainstorming web consists of various sub-topic circles that are connected to a central circle. In constructing this web, the number of circles will depend on how many supporting details you have on a topic. Here is a sample illustration of a brainstorming web:

IELTS review center Philippines

3. Fill out each circle

Fill out the brainstorming web following these simple guidelines:
  • Write the main topic in the central circle.
  • Place the supporting details in each sub-topic circle.
  • Ask your group mates about his/her opinions or thoughts on each supporting detail and write them down beside the corresponding sub-topic circle.

Once you have filled out all the circles in the brainstorming web, you can now begin the group study discussion. During the discussion, you can also add more sub-topic circles if you want to further explain details on the topic.

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