IELTS UKVI Note-taking Tips: How to Apply the Sentence Method

As an IELTS UKVI test taker, developing a good study habit in an IELTSUKVI review center is essential. You need to look for various learningstrategies that can help boost your English language skills. For instance, note-taking is an efficient tool for IELTS test takers as it gives them the opportunity to review their lectures at home.

Enhancing your note-taking skills is also beneficial, especially if you want to make sure that all of the information you write in your notes are reliable and correct. One effective note-taking strategy that you can use is the sentence method.

Note-taking Tips

What is the sentence method?

The sentence method is a note-taking strategy in which a note-taker writes information on separate lines of sentences with a corresponding number, so it is easier for you to see the order of ideas you gathered while listening in lectures or reading a text. This note-taking strategy is useful when your instructor is trying to relay a lot of information in a short period or when you are scanning a long text. Here are the advantages of the sentence method:

     •       You can cover a lot of ideas, concepts, and information quickly.
     •       Notes are simplified for your study and review.
     •       You can easily locate information that is useful in your study.

Five steps of sentence method in note-taking:

For IELTS UKVI test takers, applying the sentence method in note-taking is easy. You just need to follow these five steps before going in your IELTS UKVI review center class:

Step 1
Write everything that your instructor says. You can use a pen and paper or a laptop, depending on which you feel more comfortable and less time-consuming.

Step 2
When you are taking notes, make sure that each idea or point is on a separate line of a sentence. Do not write different information in the same sentence.

Step 3
Try to develop a shorthand that can help you save more time and make the notes easier for you to read. By doing this, you can capture more information and ideas while listening to your instructor.

Step 4
After taking notes, rewrite the sentences and number each line according to their chronicity. It will help you recall all the information as you rewrite them
Step 5
Review your notes immediately after class to organize them. According to the East Carolina University, “taking time to edit the notes and try to organize them into headings, subheadings, and main ideas boost your note-taking skills.”

Applying these IELTS UKVI note-taking tips can help improve your IELTS preparation. So what are you waiting for? Enroll now in any IELTSPhilippines review center and chase your career abroad!

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