Daily Activities that Can Help Improve One's English Speaking Skills

Do you agree with the statement that Filipinos are good English speakers?

Being one o f the countries that use English as its second language, Filipinos are somehow expected to be good at speaking the English language. For starters, the English language has been used in kindergarten curriculum. With this, young children already get accustomed to using the language. Most subjects in school are taught in English and so are books that are written in English. With this exposure, Filipinos can fairly use the English language.


However, in taking any English competency examination, doing exercises in improving English speaking skills is essential. One must know certain strategies on how to effectively deliver and create strong responses. To be able to do this, here are some activities one can enjoy in learning and improving one's English speaking skills.

1. Watch English movies.

English movies are very helpful in improving one’s vocabulary. There are certain words that are particularly used in conversations. Not only will vocabulary be practiced but also sentence construction and even some slang. Also, individuals will be taught how to deliver conversations in different situations. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand spoken English, so do not hesitate to turn the subtitles on.

2. Watch American television series.

Following an American series is also best to improve one’s skill. Like movies, American TV series have good vocabulary and conversation expressions that can be used by its viewers. In addition, with the wide variety of American series available, individuals can choose from courtroom drams to medical science or to any genre which will keep them interested in watching.

3. Reading English books.

Boring and tedious, reading can improve one’s speaking skills with the acquired vocabulary. Do not overuse your vocabulary. Use new words that will best fit in your sentences and convey the meaning very well. Books that are best for reading are novels, magazines and newspapers.

4. Listen to English songs.

Some English songs do not use correct grammar; however, you will learn how to pronounce words properly by listening. Some foreigners, like Koreans and Japanese, listen to English songs and sing them to practice their tongues.

5. Practice with coaches.

There are a lot of English proficiency training centers nationwide with very experienced speaking coaches. Speaking coaches provide comments and suggestions on how to make responses better and smarter.

Speaking English well can be attained through constant practice which one can do very easily. Furthermore, practicing it daily will give results fast and accurately.

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