A Lesson on Auxiliary Verbs

The usage of grammar is a given criteria when grading an essay. To many individuals, taking grammar lessons is very important to be familiar with the rules. There are a lot of rules; hence, it is best to practice as early as possible and know the basics of the English grammar. The importance of such is very evident when taking an English competency test.

The IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination has been one of the most trusted English proficiency examinations. A number of companies and academic institutions overseas have been accepting an IELTS certificate to their applicants for work or education.

In taking this test, grammar will be tested in both speaking and writing. One particular grammar rule once must always take note of is the usage of auxiliary verbs.

Auxiliary verbs are also known as helping verbs. They determine the tense of the verb and is always paired with a main verb. The auxiliary verbs used in the English language are am, is, are, was, were, has, have and modals.

Here are some things individuals need to remember on the usage of auxiliary verbs.

1. Auxiliary verbs are used in the future, progressive, perfect, and perfect progressive sentences.


She will attend the conference in San Francisco next month.

My mother is currently cleaning the house, while I am working on my articles.

She has been to Paris twice, and her brothers have been to Germany once.

The mothers have been waiting for twenty months before the bell rings.

Joel had been painting the walls when the accident happened.

2. Modal auxiliaries are used to show different moods in a sentence.


She can write essays very well. (shows ability)

She should write essays very well. (a suggestion)

She must write essays very well. (certainty)

She might write essays very well. (possibility)

3. Auxiliary verbs are used in the passive voice of the verb.

The passive voice of the verb signifies that the subject is the receiver of the action of the verb.


She was bitten by a dog while she was cleaning the room.

This church has been renovated.

Jesus was born in a manger.

Understanding the rules on auxiliary verbs will help candidates choose the right one to express the tense of the verb. Nobody gets wrong in using the right verb tense. Expressing ideas and examples will be much better with the right usage of auxiliaries.

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